Manufactured by:
of machine:

Thirteen dies
Continuous annealing
Protection with inert gases
Coating of anti-oxidation
Continually taking up with double spoolers

of process:
High line speed, with proper outer diameter and length control
High strength and better elongation
Copper wire of anti-oxidation
Manufactured by:
Characteristic of machine:
61bobbins Pay-off 630mmOD
Conductor section:
-Minimum 35SQ compacted round
Segmental 160SQ to produce 800SQ
-Maximum 630SQ compacted round
Segmental 500SQ to produce 2500SQ
Loading and unloading bobbins by machine
Broken wire detection
Maximum linear speed: 60m/min
Maximum rotation speed of cage:
325 rpm with aluminum
220 rpm with copper
Computer control

Characteristic of process:
Longer length and large section, even compacting in different layer and high line speed
The best quality, with proper size


Manufactured by: AUSTRIA
Characteristic of machine:
6 Rotating 2m drum Pay-off Stands, Rotating 3m drum Take-up Stand
Laying up of segmental conductor (4segments or 5segnents and 6segments)
Taping system (insulation paper and semi-conductive tape
Characteristic of process:
Modification based on FURUKAWA technology
Round Laying up of segmental conductor
Steadily manufacturing 5segments conductor 800SQ-2500SQ
Higher tension of tape making conductor more tighter

Manufactured by: FINLAND
Characteristic of machine:
The whole set of equipment made in Finland according to cable manufacturing technique of Furukawa electric Co.,Ltd.
The height of VCV tower: 108m
Diameter of main screw:175mm, the max diameter of insulation :135mm
Manufacturing 2500SQ 500kV XLPE insulation of cable
Conductor Preheater and Conductor heater during curing
Gravity loading system. under condition of supper clean closed environment
Diameter Measuring Apparatus, Sikora X-ray
Special dies and filter system
On-line relaxation system
Characteristic of process:
Manufacturing large cross-area, extra-high voltage cable
No contaminant, less protrusion
Same curing degree at outside and inside layer
Strict eccentricity control
On line relaxation


Manufactured by:
Characteristic of machine:
High heating capacity
Restrict temperature control
Characteristic of process:
Methane gas that generate during crosslinking of XLPE will be released from cable insulation layer

Manufactured by: SHANGHAI
Characteristic of machine:
Shielding cable of diameter 180mm
80copper wires
Two taping heads
High tension taping head
Characteristic of process:
Using wider tape, efficiently
Complex shielding
Wrapping large cross-section cable
Taping technique with wrapping special tape


Manufactured by: GERMANY
Characteristic of machine:
1600 t aluminum cable sheathing press
Take-up and Pay-off for drum 4200mm OD
Continually corrugating
Characteristic of process:
Extruding aluminum tube and continually corrugating
Uniform thickness
Smaller Radius bending and winding

Manufactured by: SHANGHAI
Characteristic of machine:
Extruding PVC and PE sheath
150mm Extruder
Coating coal-tar
Diameter measuring
Marking reel
Max Take-up drum 4200mmOD
Characteristic of process:
Manufacturing large cross-area, long proper cable
Outer diameter and good eccentricity
Smooth cable surface and clear marking


Product Test System

Characteristic of machine: All Metallie shielding Room 28m*15m*14m
  Series Resonant Dielcctric Test System MAX 400kV
  Resistance Capacitance,lg ,PD and High Voltage Mesaurement and Test
  System Partial Discharge Level<2pC
  Local Capacitance Max 390nF


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